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With innovative software development and AI, we support you in developing your full potential

We offer innovative and individual software solutions for the digital transformation in your company.


We have over 20 years of experience with different technologies in consulting and developing new software or optimizing existing systems. 

App Development

App & web

We develop apps or web applications to make your company more visible or to digitize processes.

Digitaler Assistent

Digital Assistent

The digital assistant answers routine requests through your preferred channels completely automatically. With your company-specific knowledge and minimal effort for you.

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Our creativity and open mind makes us the ideal partner for the development of prototypes or MVPs. For the right idea, we also get on board.

GPT Chatbot

Integration of the latest GPT language models

We assist you in creating a perfect symbiosis between the existing language models, such as ChatGPT, and your data, processes, and employees.

Abstrakte Linien

We think outside the box.

Innovations and individual solutions for your company. 

TamerinTECH Logo

TamerinTECH stands for innovative and individual software development. Starting with consulting and developing prototypes to transforming your company with the help of AI applications and digital assistance solutions.


We have a wide range of experience as a partner of large technology companies or small start-ups, with a focus on AI and voice assistants, as well as cloud migration and digitization.

Welliger abstrakter Hintergrund


We take care. From the first idea to complete support of the finished software. Or just individual steps. 



In the first step, we will determine how we can implement your vision and estimate the costs.



We will create a customized software strategy, a digital roadmap based on your technical and financial requirements.



We make your vision visible and tangible by creating interactive mockups and UX/UI designs. We review to ensure we are on the right track.


Prototype / MVP

We work closely with you to develop the minimum viable product, the prototype that serves as the foundation for implementing your vision.



The prototype will be further developed according to your requirements. During implementation and testing, we ensure that you are always kept up to date.



Even after successful implementation, we are still here for you! You will receive updates and upgrades to keep your software up to date with the latest technology.


TamerinTECH can show successful projects for well-known brands from the MedTech sector to the automotive industry. Here you can find some of our projects. For information on other projects, please contact us personally.

Londi Logo

Therapeutic support system for learning disorders in children 

TamerinTECH collaborated with a major German university clinic to develop a web application that supports teachers, psychologists, and learning therapy professionals in diagnosing and supporting learning disorders in children.

Deutsches Museum

Voice assistant for Deutsches Museum in Bonn

TIMA is an AI-based voice assistant that can provide pre-made and verified answers to users' questions. Currently, TIMA is being used in two museums in Israel and Germany.


Here's the link to TIMA at the Deutsches Museum Bonn.

Here's the link to TIMA's website.

QnA Manager Logo

Accounting chatbot for Henkel

TamerinTECH developed a chatbot design for the Henkel innovation team, based on the Microsoft Bot Framework and Azure Cloud's cognitive services, to integrate SAP data. The goal was to optimize the process of finding invoices.

Medical Software

Analysis of medical data for

TamerinTECH collaborated with the development team of to create a prototype for an interactive AI- and cloud-based platform for PCR laboratories using machine learning.



Company Headquarters
TamerinTECH UG (limited liability)
Karl-Haider-Str. 16D
83727 Schliersee

+49 (0) 8026 - 387 25 98

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